What would you do when you have to take a trip out for a couple of days or weeks, without some one being able to watch over your birds? Nowadays, it is possible to bring or take your bird cage with you where ever you like. Your feathered friends will make a good companionship along the long trip. Bird carriers are ideal for carrying your bird with you.

Bird Carrier

A travel bird carrier is an essential accessory for a bird owner. On any trip such as car trips, road trips, or traveling by plane, your bird needs a comfortable and safe way to travel. Travel carrier does not need to be as big as your bird’s actual house but it should be large enough for the bird to fit comfortably and move around a bit. A smaller bird carrier will be enough for your bird for a short trip. For a long trip a larger bird carrier is recommended.

You can use a bird carrier to take your bird to the vet, to grooming or any other places. You will not regret it once you find the right bird travel cage for your bird. Now with the aid of bird carrier you and your lovely bird can travel happily together.

Generally, for different types of trips you will require different types of bird carriers. Ideally, you should get a bird carrier, which is flexible for any trip options. For instance, if you are taking the bird carrier on the plane, make sure the bird carrier is approved by the airlines.

Types of Bird Carriers
  • Wire and Stainless Steel Bird Carriers : Wire and stainless steel bird carriers are great for bigger birds that have a big beak. Some birds can even break the bird’s cages, if they get a chance.
  • Light Mesh Bird Carrier: For the smaller birds, light mesh bird carriers are the best option, since they are not too difficult to carry.
  • Knock Down Bird Carriers :A knock down bird carriers are ideal because you will have more room in the house.

Setting Up the Bird Travel Carrier

Choose a perch, which will provide firm footing for your bird. Stay away from slick woods such as manzanita and go more towards perches like rope.

It is recommended to use perches like grapevine, cholla, or rope, which will allow your bird to have a good grip.

A perch should be installed towards the front of the bird carrier in order accommodate the birds tail. In case of sudden stop, the bird will not be thrown forward, but it will be able to lean forward and grab the front of the carrier.

While choosing a toy for the bird carrier, choose one made out of the soft materials, or preferably, a side mount toy so that it does not move, when the vehicle is in the motion.

Traveling With Bird Carriers

Points to consider, while taking your bird in a bird carrier.

Your bird should be made familiar with the bird carrier before the long trip. Try to put his favorite toy and treats in the carrier, which will help him to be at an ease. When the bird is comfortable with the carrier, it can be advisable to take the bird on several short trips, prior to the long trip. This will also let you know how the bird reacts to the carrier.

Be sure to secure your bird’s carrier with a seatbelt or other devices. A bird placed in the front seat of a vehicle could be vulnerable to injury.

Make sure to bring adequate amount of food and water for your feathered lovely companion. It is recommended to feed birds with juicy fruits while traveling, since this food will provide the necessary liquids without the water soiling.

On an extended travels or trips, your bird will need out of cage time, so a portable play gym or T-stand is very much recommended for your bird. There are several models available in the market that breakdown, making it easy for you to carry.

Make sure to groom your bird properly before the vacation. If you are flying or traveling by other means, it is required to have a recent health certificate for your birds.

All the birds should be clipped, so that they do not fly.

Safety is very important while traveling with your feathered friend. Make sure that your bird is in the bird carrier while the vehicle is in motion. Climate can affect your pet, so make sure to check the weather conditions prior to travelling. It is always best to avoid the crowds and never let the bird out of your site.

It also recommended that you must carry emergency contact numbers of both the pet sitter and your avian vet. Also, carry your avian first aid kit; it will be useful, in case any accident happens. You will need to carry the proof of ownership, breeder name and address, medical records of pet bird, and a recent photo of your bird. However, the information will be invaluable in case of emergency related to your lovely bird.

Pet bird carriers are a necessity, and they add some style and adventure to your life. Best of all, you will be able to take your feathered friends anywhere you like which you would have missed before!
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