All dogs constantly drip smegma, a greenish yellow or creamy yellowish discharge from their sheaths which they themselves customarily clean. This drip conies from the space, a deep pocket, between the sheath and penis. There is nothing abnormal about it. However, some dogs that fail to keep themselves clean become objectionable because of it.

Dog Discharge

Douching this pocket with a mild antiseptic under fairly strong pressure will do a lot to reduce the amount of drip. If there is inflammation the condition is known as balanitis.

There can be various reasons behind the secretion of the genitals of dogs. It has been noticed that female dogs are more prone to genital secretions. The following are the reasons behind the development of dog discharge.

Dogs generally undergo genital secretion when they are in heat.

In case of an urethra secretion

Genital secretion due to prostrate infection

A male dog may discharge in case of any injury in the penis.

A female dog may discharge if she is suffering from a uterine infection.

You may also notice genital discharge in your female dog if she is about to experience a miscarriage.

The female dog is also notice to discharge at the time of giving birth due to injury in the uterus or in other internal body organs.

Male Genital Discharge

In male dogs the slightly yellowish or blood tinged discharge actually means that there is an incidence of infection in the urethra or the tube through which the urine passes out or in the prostrate gland. The prostrate gland infection in dogs is also accompanied by feeling of intense pain and loss of appetite.

Female Genital Discharge

A liquid like discharge in females apart from the urine is produced by the labia of the vulva or the outer female genital. The vaginal discharges may vary from clear and watery liquid known as the serous, thick blood and grey in color known as the mucousy, yellow or green known as the purulent and dark green or black after giving birth to a baby.

Bloody discharge is a normal process in case the female dog is in heat.

In abnormal cases when the placenta fails to recede back after the birth a watery or bloody discharge takes place.

Any discharge during the time of pregnancy is accounted to be abnormal.

Opaque, purulent discharge from the vulva come out in case of urogenital infection like the urinary tract and the infection in uterus known as pyometra.

Blood mucous may be discharged in case of Neoplasia or the occurrence of cancer in the urogenital tract.

Vaginitis or the inflammation of the vagina may lead to the discharge of watery mucous.

If the dog is suffering from coagulation or clotting disorder it may discharge a bloody secretion.

An occurrence of trauma or any foreign body may give way to a watery or a purulent discharge.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons there can be various other causes behind the dog discharge. In case of any abnormal discharge you are advised to take your dog to a vet clinic for effective treatment.
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