If you are looking out for an attractive bird feeder to decorate your garden, purchasing a good Gazebo bird feeder would be a good idea. The feeders of gazebo style have both functional value and aesthetic elegance. They are available in various shapes and sizes. The fine cedar wood structure will give your garden a refined antic look. You may either pick up Gazebo bird feeders from a bird feeder store or from online portals. You may visit some reputed online portals in the internet to purchase bird feeders of Gazebo style by simply clicking the mouse button. The following are some features and facts related to Gazebo bird feeder.

Gazebo Bird Feeder

Information on Gazebo Bird Feeder

As already mentioned the have both functional and aesthetic value. The fine color of the cedar wood and the neat shape of the bird feeder will definitely turn out to be the object of attraction in your garden.

This type of bird feeder is made to attract variety of birds. It is filled in with variety of seeds and has perching provisions for both platform feeders as well as hopper feeders.

The Gazebo feeder for birds can be filled in with variety of seeds like the black oil sunflower seed, safflower seed and such. The birds like wood peckers, goldfinches, chickadees, nuthatches, pine siskins, redpolls, nuthatches, titmice use the Gazebo to feed on black sunflower oil seed. The safflower seed is eaten by birds like the cardinals, gross beak, finches and such. The Gazebo can also be filled in with mixed seeds that are eaten by species of birds like the doves, thrashers, Carolina wrens, sparrows, juncos, white throated sparrows, jays, purple finches and such.

The uniquely designed roof of the gazebo feeder acts as a shelter to the birds that flock down to feed on the seeds.

The design of the feeder enables it to work best when it is mounted on a feeder pole or a post.

The feeder pets like squirrels often find difficulty in reaching the feeding ports when the feeder is mounted on the post.

The gazebo feeders are not only made up of cedar but also prepared with pine wood, plastic, metal and recycled materials.

Types of Gazebo Bird Feeders

Le Grande Gazebo – This type of feeder is specially made in a hanging style. The roof can slide to allow the food to be filled in. The plastic windows enable viewers to have a look at the level of the seed. The wood that is usually used to construct the feeder is fine red wood. The feeder has the capacity of holding seeds of about 20 lbs.

Deluxe Le Grande Gazebo – This feeder has provisions like adjustable mounting pole, squirrel baffler, seed scoop. Red wood is used for its construction. The classic finishing adds to the wild natural look of your garden. It can attract a wide variety of birds and is specially designed to be mounted on a post. The feeder has the capacity of holding seeds of about 20 lbs.

Before buying a Gazebo feeder, try to find out the types of birds you want to spot in your garden and accordingly purchase the one that holds a specific kind of seed.
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