The home decor bird house will bring in the wild nature into your house. Instead of allowing your birds to build their nests in some corner of your roof top or attic, you may make some good provisions of nesting for the birds. Decor bird house will not only give birds a comfortable place to live in but also enhance the beauty of your house manifold. There are a variety of home decor bird houses available in shops. But while purchasing one of the decorative bird houses you are recommended to be sure of certain aspects with respect to the comfort and the security of the birds.

Home Decor Bird House

Home Decor Bird House Purchase 

Many of the home decor bird houses are designed in an attractive style but all might not provide security or comfort to the birds. In fact birds do not select the houses with respect to aesthetic senses; they are rather interested in the convenience of living inside the man made structure.

If you are willing to see particular specie of bird nesting inside the house, you should rather select the decor house that would be ideal for the bird to reside in.

Do not buy a decorative house for birds whose inside walls are painted. Paints may contain many toxic substances that can turn out to be fatal for the birds. However, the painted external walls will not hamper the general health of the birds but rather give the house a look of elegance.

The decorative bird houses can be made up of various materials. But you must be very careful about the quality of the material while selecting one. Buying a wooden home decor bird house would be a good idea. You will get many design choices on wooden bird houses. Apart from wood, plastic is also used. Make sure that the type of plastic used for making it should be of non toxic variety. Do not purchase the ones that are made up of the lumber woods. The lumber woods emit harmful gases when they get wet during the rainy seasons.

The houses must have good drainage system. Fecal matter and other left over food items should drain out through the bottom holes of the houses.
While hanging the decorative home bird house be careful about the location that you have chosen for it. In fact, location of the house is one of the primary factors based on which a bird selects its nest. The house must be located in place that has good air and sunlight supply and above all must be out of reach from the predators. Cats and other predatory birds often attack the birds and their chicks in case they manage to break into the house. Even the height and the diameter of the entrance hole should also be made in a proper way so that the predators find it to be difficult to pass through the holes but at the same time allow the resident bird to move in and out freely through it.
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