The Oscar is a tropical fish prominent for being intelligent and having the special ability to recognise its owner. Oscars have their own ideas and you can even see them replacing things in the aquarium if they do not like them. They are aggressive and often make the weaker one feel miserable amongst their group. Therefore you should take the following steps to ensure proper Oscar fish care.

Oscar Fish Care

Aquarium for Oscar fish - The growing rate of Oscar fish is very fast. They do not require much space as a fry, but as they grow bigger they require large space around 30 gallons each. The aquarium should be at least 2000 litres for an Oscar fish. The large aquarium would also mean that the water supply can be controlled and maintained. Avoid using bright light in Oscar fish aquarium, they prefer florescent bulbs. The Aquarium should be washed thoroughly and the soap residue should be removed well. Every other article in the aquarium should be washed well.

Temperature for Oscar fish aquarium - Oscar fish thrives well in warm water ranging from 25 to 28 °C and it is important to have a heater, filter and gravel to keep the temperature stable for this specie.

Feeding Oscar fish - The first and foremost thing about feeding Oscar fish is that it should be provided with only as much as it can eat in about two minutes and that too only once a day. You can feed feeder fish to the Oscar fish provided they have been quarantined by you. But gold fish are not advisable due to high fat content. Oscars are carnivorous and to keep them healthy you must feed them on correct food. The advisable food for Oscars are Hikari's staple, processed food, frozen food, dried staple, pellets and even live food.

Maintenance of Oscar fish's health - You must check your aquarium to prevent diseases amongst the fish. If you suspect diseases in your Oscar fish do check the cleanliness of the aquarium primarily. As far as the symptoms are concerned look for little white dots, rotting fins, greyish cottony patches on the skin or gills, cloudy skin and see if they are scraping along the bottom. These are the symptoms of bigger diseases and you must see a vet.

Quick tips for Oscar fish care - One should be conscious about choosing the tank mates for the Oscar fish. You should know what type of fish the Oscar is compatible with or it might turn as a tasty snack for the Oscar. Small community fish such as tetras and guppies should never be mixed with the Oscars. Look for a fish which can fight for its food and defend itself from the Oscar. Such as, Synodontis Catfish and Clown Loach.

Although plants look very attractive in the aquarium, the Oscars uproots them as they belong to an aggressive species type.

Oscars are called mono-morphic, the males and the females look the same, so it is tough to tell the male and female between them. Their sex can only be detected when they start laying eggs.

Do not use heavy lightings and bright bulbs for Oscars.

Prevention should be taken to avoid major diseases in Oscar fish - like the hole in the head. Carry out water changes on a regular basis and your Oscar should be healthy for life time.

Changing colour in Oscar is quite normal. The articles in the tank can also make the fish change its colour.

Oscar fish are a lot of fun to watch, they create a very pleasant atmosphere. Oscar fish care would provide better and long life to your beloved Oscar and a greater enjoyment to you. Take good care of your Oscar fish by following the above mentioned tips.
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